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Davi Barker

The Muslim Agorist

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About Davi Barker

Davi is without a doubt, one of the most creative and talented people I have ever met. In addition, he is the most reliable. That is a unique combination... Davi's creative talents extend to his writing and philosophy. He is a funny, restrained, thoughtful and peaceful person. I've gotten to know Davi very well personally as well and I can tell you this; I wish that all of my children had had an opportunity to learn from him.

~Tim Frey

Roberts & Roberts Brokerage

Davi has a facility for story telling and conceptualization of material elements of entertainment that operates on a substrate which most people are not cognitively capable of achieving. To state that Davi is intelligent is an understatement and to say that he is kind doesn't do him justice. There are people that you meet as you journey through life who exceed your every expectation to such an extent that words begin to fail.

~Blake Anderson

Cryptographic Economist

Davi Barker is a writer, an artist, an activist, but more importantly Davi is a testimony. Not a shallow testimony of words, but a testimony of life dedicated to truth and peace in the rejection of evil. His dedication stands strong in a world where the enemies of truth and peace distort the meaning of every word and phrase to suit their desires. But no matter the opposition he faces, Davi embraces the principle that “There shall be no compulsion in religion” and Davi shouts by example and not by words alone, that “The greatest jihad is proclaiming the truth in the face of a tyrant.”

~Ben Stone,
The Bad Quaker

Davi Barker is one of the people who makes living on earth a wonderful adventure.

~Derrick J Freeman

Peace News Now

Davi’s writing is controversial and out of the box! He leads the way writing about the Occupy Movement, but you can also read his latest on the assault of our civil liberties.

~Megan Duffield

Silver Circle Movie

His political views are eye opening to say the least.

Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa

Davi Barker is a pimple, a self-confessed intellectual property thief, a nasty, petty little insect, born to be ignored. Why any of you are taking his opinions seriously is an utter mystery to me. He possesses
no discernable wisdom, or powers of observation worth taking notice of. 

~L. Neil Smith

libertarian typist

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